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WELCOME to (PAL)m-cast NETWORK  : m is for Mmmm or multi media. I'm always learning , now with the social media I'm finding my reach using IN FUN TAINMENT. Chats with folks that are searching for successes and my kids are in the room.

A SHOW LIKE " LIVE FROM MY BEDROOM: ON LOCATION"  (LFMB:OL) as my Anchor (June 2014 - Nov 2014) proved through social medias' programs allowed a tweeking for reach and documentation.

Now in Seeason 5 of the FLAG SHIP show -:Ladies Only , and a list of up coming is on this site., Please surf my site dudes and dudettes.

A NETWORK  of Family Friendly, in the PALM of your hand, is an audio experience, located online and broadcasting through networks, promoting with a helping attitude, a FLY on the wall-style and open to all pionts of view. Offering a feeling of “being in” on my conversations of BEHIND the scenes. Real conversations.

I'm only using SOCIAL MEDIA - Using interactive social media.  Emails, website, links to other website, platforms with search engines and increase links to other sharing and a internet call to friends, friends of friends, interested parties, family and all welcome for listenership and sharing working technology.

Over 50 shows produced, 8 shows will move on to a weekly push thru social media  -viewing online. 

LIVE events and Ground floor SPONSORS are asked to a part of “reach” initiative. Anda minimum of 12,000 reach with 26,000 reach per month and 3000 views per month - And for my market the feed back is good for a CALL to ACTION. To acquire the marketing numbers, ask. And in the in terms for contracts, we can offer ground floor. If you are Selling services or products, swag , TICKETS or food. 

Other offers by hosts of SHOWS:

With conversational promotions at the head and tail or actual ADS poduced for radio or TV.

All host and guests are not “stopped from voicing opinions and the name and website is  thanked and listenership directed and on-location broadcasts – customer interaction - satisfaction and give away with CONTRA and paid ads.

E Commerce: CONTRA/and cross promotion initiatives.

Please contact if this is you.


Mission statement is  to edifying oneself

Website needed linking all hosts and websites of sponsors

LIVE BROADCAST – @ LIVE events and rebroadcasts.  live streaming events

Promotion of products and services USED by owner for Sponsored programming 






All content is owned by hosts and producers. Hard copies held by Glass Ceiling Productions and available online for

All content is available to be used in parts or in all of the programs LISTED in my itinerary.

Special thanks to all "assets", "clips" and licenced material, sign with special request to be attached in whole or in parts in palmcastnetwork productions owned an operated by Glass Ceiling Productions.

ALL>My music is mine (unless otherwise promoted).


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