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SEASON 3 we're on the RoadIN FUN MATION


Always a Special thanks to LIVE FROM MY BEDROOM Official Sponsor 




Chatting with me, Alberta's own, Parent of 5, "happy fun bus" owner operator, that stops in for a community pitstop - Buckle up KIDS!  

LIVE FROM MY BEDROOM: OTR is Chatting with our kids on MARCH BREAK,  Fun and interesting talented

LIVE FROM MY BEDROOM gets the scoop. If you can climb 35 steps and understand Crimson ROOM is where you find the Cage. and use the code "palmcast" to get 50% off the price of tickets and dinner when you buy online.

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I would like to have this uploaded for FRIDAY night. I want to strike with a GREAT chat I had, with my kids and JOHN WING -author of 9 books, singer song writer, 200 plus TV spots, stand up performer and he is getting a LIFE time achievement award at WINNIPEGS COMEDY fest this year.THIS SUNDAY. -He is from Sarnia and has a huge Port Credit following, in me. He is a great guy and a good chatter.

.A 20 year vet in the comedy industry is bringing his own POV to the mix and making all wiser for have listened. 


My kids are still talking about this event. For all in my Canadian culture that needs culture to understand our Canadian presence. motivational speaker, positive thinker, man of the people.

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My time line was off but how his signature bits came to life are revealed

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Chatting  in the back at the cage with who’s been quoted

“Whats this about a 10 year old and interviewing me?? Did I read that right or am I just VERY road worn? I won't be interviewed by a child, I can promise you that.”

Special Thx

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LIVE FROM MY BEDROOM: OTR is Chatting with my kids' questions, on the road is is where my with multi-faceted,  interesting talent chats

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CONTACT ME ---> click me ---> chats comic book making at 8 and wanting to work with people making films and music. Have a listen with your kids or your kid inside you.

Chatting with our kids back stage, pre show and the magic is in the air and on stage with HOST and PRODUCER of JAMES  presents


John Wing (Jr.) is a Canadian comedian and author from Sarnia, Ontario. He is of Irish-Italian descent. He has lived in the United States.

His books include Cup of Nevermind: New Poems (1998), --And the Fear Makes Us Special (2000), None of This is Probably True (2002), Ventriloquism for Dummies: Life as a Comedian (2002), Excuses: Poems (2005), The Winter Palace: New and Selected Poems (2007), So Recently Ancient (2010), Almost Somewhere Else (2012), and Why-Shaped Scars (2014).

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Chatting in the green room and asking questions and questioning them in the presents of DVD release super hero to anyone who listens. 

 and I love the back of the room humour so I thought a chat in the green room with Funniest funny man,  with no facial  hair makes him the most approachable guy, I know.

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Chatting with me and with my kids in mind, is Birthday Boy, DIRECTOR, Editor and New Pornographers keyboardist. Filmmaker. Come on in. My robe's always open. "Without the magic I would rather drive a 5 ton Truck, no magic, might as well drive truck. - Eating - Junk food yes!

Artist, actor and TV show host,  on location @ Chatting.


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My kids ask questions and get the skinny on MARK GRICE and we enjoyed getting a private lesson and tour that I am very happy to make public.

With online technology I chat with Christopher Molineux, Public Speaker at TEDx, script writer,voice actor,  Touring comedian,  and Humour expert/Communication Skills Coach at : 




Kanaan Question: Favourite song?

A: with a gun to my head I would probably go for the Aria in the Goldberg Variations because it is beautiful...sounds simple but hides it's layers of complexity and every time I hear it I also get to hear the associations with the 30 variations..... but that's a tough question.

Chatting with my kids with illusionist, “keep doing what you love to do.”

OVER 1000 views!!! - MAGIC!


Chatting and catching up with Puff Mama aka Joey and club owner and runner , she makes a home “for the troops” in TORONTO. 

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Chatting at Spirits and this time with CAL POST, booker and host of the ROOM,also a  comedian on the road. Season 3 – learn or be learned. 

CONTACT ME--->click me---> LFMB:ON THE ROAD chats with Stand up Comedian Ron Josol 

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Stand up comedian and show runner dropping knowledge on us all. My kids ask questions. 


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Can't stop me. I'm chatting about the past and loving "fresh cola"  with new comer comedian  and show runner  Andy Fruman from Kapow Comedy at the "120 Diner” in TORONTO on Church.( if you had to ask -120)

SEASON 3 - Set up some interesting conversations with my past and present.

SPACE HOLDER of coolness

Shows to come. This is MY DEMO REEL for  Acting.

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This NEWest YEAR ever, first cast of the year and ON THE ROAD, LIVE FROM MY BEDROOM.  This Friday, Jan 9th - on , I talk to old friend and PEER that is touring and live.  Producing live events and  involved with a charitys, most recently event at the - 

I love a good garage sale and I wanted to teach an entertain at the same time. Please watch and enjoy

THE COMEDIAN: A short I did with Univercity students and a good job on set. Here is the final result.

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The youth enjoying the CBC TV and RADIO.

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