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I'm camping. I am a camper. I talk with my kids and with marshmellowed faces I make no one cry, well not a lot. My Family teaches me that Shat and Shit are CBC ok-ed, and I try to explain this to my children and yours, if they are listening. Pre Simcoe Fireworks please listen and comment. 


I am on location in a place where I have slept and sometimes watched a Movie!! Live from my bedroom, with my family, on location pre a SHOW from the car with a pre show show. Best part, spending time with FAMILY and not spending money on babysitters. I always love the Drive-in. When I was a kid just learing how to do everything, drive ins are cheaper than a motel with a movie.

My family love old stuff, old furniture and thingies - we love going to flea markets and dickering and getting good on the deals.

Sharing is caring and re-purposing things is our future: So from Last SUNDAY - on location - LIVE from my bedroom - (campsites, live shows art classes and more to come)

Mizener's Antiques & Flea Market 


Listen and laugh with the pre show -set up of an Comedy OPEN MIC. Open mics are great, I talk to sound and stand up performer Earl the Squirrel. Support in TO on Wednesdays - at Spirits Bar and Grill.

Live from TIFF Out There with Melissa DiMarco's studio I have a candid and fun conversation with HART POMERANTZ. RADIO/TV Writer, Comedian and friend,

On location - at - - loving the studio and talking to friend of cameraman/producer live events and DOP @ Out there with and my kids say hi and have questions.

ON location at a retirement home where my kids shop for a place to store me in the lap of luxury at the place where my Zadie stays. 96 young and still performing.

Hanging with performer Incredible BORIS as he tells tales of owning a club and livin' the dream. Long time married family man keeps it real and in the moment. My kids have questions.

A long standing comedy show at the and I chat with more Cahoots and enjoy the company of touring stand-up and producer of the show. I ask questions for my kids.


My family turns the questions to me and reminded of FIRST season and the reason for doing the
Plz understand family time is needed.
Songs I recorded in 1992-1995 with DUO called ROLL - ENJOY

Love the media so I talk about media is entertainment and news. I chat with My son is home from school and has questions and a cough.

SO2 LFMB OL Part 13 we talk to long time friend and employer, journalist, actor, writer, producer, takes over my family not well, still the show must go on/



LIve from my Bedroom goes on location to RDC MUSIC .CA studio
Ron the Music man from Out There and Elton Rohn fame opens a studio to the music industry to produce some fresh faces and my kids ask their classic Q foan A's.

CONTACT ME ----->click me.

CONTACT ME ----->click me.

CONTACT ME--->click me.

CONTACT ME--->click me.

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