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Live shows and live audiences. Live from my bedroom has for 7 seasons, through the Palmcastnetwork and Glass Ceiling Productions has wanted people to stop, drop and make people think before they say, do and promote the wrong things for the wrong reasons. Palmcast, an audio online show for family friendly entertainment has taking LIVE to heart and is sharing the live performances of “THE Pals” and other Canadian Tribute, original and interesting gigs in this industry.

Ben, Sam, Kane and their Dad on their coat tails entertain all. We will not stop as long we are having fun. Music is fun. No fun on an unset up or needing repair instrument or it is never too late for lessons. As the cellist at 90 said after being asked why do you still practise, he told the reporter, “I think I am getting somewhere.” Always more to learn. Music makes me happy. Promoting a musical instrument superstore that has lessons, 280 seat venue for rent and a department for everything musical.





Jason; Nutritionist from rogerstv and his Live Events

EVERY MONDAY, 6PM. @Nathan Philips Square (Bay and Queen St. W.)



Needed–Volunteers’.Toys and donations.

Hot food available.

Palmcast available for private and corporate events


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- SEASON 8 -

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Season 7 LIVE FROM MY BEDROOM:  - Live Events. PART 2

The Pals, solo careers or as a band are happy to be in the Music Biz performing.

My kids play the right chords and we learn about the dream and jam.  


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CAA -Live Nov 6th

CCA –Canadian Comedy Awards LIVE EVENT 

Samson takes the helm again to intro the show as "Out There with Melissa DiMarco", got the Nomination for Best Comedy TV Show and I am here escort, yes my wife said yes. We go live, so check out her portals for that.  

Meet My Boys -the hosts on the Every Week playing as “The Pals,” also each of us with a solo career, public school, work, but as a band of happy to be playing, performing with and for my kids. And when we  play the right chords. we learn about the dream by doing and jamming. This Nov 26th. Or DEC 3 on locations LIVE! All a go for Friends and Family 8am-12:30pm make an appointment soon. They go fast.

My folks are coming.

Special Thx 416-398-TIRE, ask O’Neil for a Deal   and  416 856 0618

Thank you for your weekly support, in spirit and digital. Support supporters that support.

Ron Miller Freelance Musician

In his common phase of post-graduate life, his focus has been strictly on preparing skills as a Musician, Educator, and Director in order to prepare for a musical future. A 4-year bachelor of Music program at Humber College, and years of varied experience in the musical field has granted me the abilities to assist or lead almost any musical endeavour.

What can he do for you?

Private Music Teacher -General Lesson Teacher with his Education from 2011-2015 Bachelor of Music (Specialization in Contemporary Jazz Studies and Production) Humber College -Graduated with Honours2007 -2011 O.S.S.D (Ontario Secondary School Diploma)
Also Production / Studio Service  Lots of practice and skill development available.

Musical Skills to share and teach bass guitar as his aptitude is an extremely high degree of proficiency and experience, as well as a B.A. in Electric Bass Performance. Stylistic Versatility with lots of experience with different music cultures / styles and very adept at fitting in the feel of the music, as well as the notes. On  Keyboard  and Guitar his Aptitude  is an advanced degree of proficiency  as well as Harmonica .

Select Musical Endeavours to date, in fact February he is back on the water bassisting with the House Orchestra Bassist Princess Cruises 3-5 Hours of playing daily involving, Intensive sight reading, Improvisation, Music Memorization, Dance Choreography. Working with different main entertainer every evening, LISTENING! Production Shows / Jazz Sets / Backup Entertainers / Dixieland  

2014 he was  Theme Park House Band Bassist at Canada's Wonderland performing 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's top 40's .

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Located in the heart of Kensington Market, one of Canada’s most eclectic, artistic neighbourhoods, Kensington Sound is a well-established Toronto recording studio that also happens to be one of the longest running businesses of this type in all of North America! A perfect blend of old and new, both analog and digital technologies are professionally combined here to provide the ideal range of soundscapes for the most discerning and creative musicians.

With a rare vintage circa 70′s British Midas recording console (serial number 00001!), a premium selection of old and new outboard equipment and some great vintage microphones, Kensington Sound provides a high quality recording platform that is full of warmth and personality. From there, the digital domain is delivered by state of the art Logic Pro 10, Pro Tools 10 and Reason 6; all running on a Mac system through RME converters. Main monitors are high-end boutique Tetra speakers exclusively designed for Kensington Sound‘s unique dynamics. Be sure to check out our EQUIPMENT section for more technical specifications and a comprehensive list of our facility tools and devices.

We must also tell you that our amazing recording/engineering/producing team, Veziand Ben Pelchat use their considerable talents and all this great equipment to give world-class support to any project the studio takes on. Bigger is NOT better. So many musicians from every style of music you can think of, have been "incubated" in the warm atmosphere and technical structure that Kensington Sound offers. We hope we will be able to include you in this wonderful musical legacy!

  • Alannah Miles

  • Jeff Healey

  • Lenny Breau

  • Paul Shaffer

  • Alexy

  • Ekelectic Journey

  • Allyson Morris

  • Jordan John

  • David Darling

  • Tine

  • Carey Ott

  • Michael Harris

  • Ulrik

  • Kingdom Beats

  • Jojeto

  • Brooke Nicholls

  • Julia Hendrik

  • Jeanine Mackie Band

  • Johnny and The G-Rays

  • The Rajans

  • The Marvelettes

  • Sharon, Lois & Bram

  • Tower of Power

  • Truths and Rights

  • Compass

  • Murray McLauchlan

  • Dan Hill

  • Keith McKie

  • Songship

  • Sharon

  • Look People










  • Lois and Bram

  • Teenage Head

  • The Lincolns

  • Bob Ezrin

  • Ron Sexsmith

  • Chris Spedding

  • Bill Colgate

  • Kim Cole

  • The Lincolns

  • Walter Zwol

  • Melwood Cutlery

  • Graham Shaw

  • The Wild Strawberries

  • Vampire Beach Babes

  • The Drifters

  • Mad About Plaid

  • Belinda Metz

  • Steve Fox

  • Diane Chase

  • Harlow

  • Crack of Dawn

  • David Wilcox

  • National Film Board

  • Daniel Lanois

  • Jackie Richardson

  • Bill Bridges

  • Marc Jordan

  • Rick McCue

  • Rex Chainbelt

  • The National Ballet

  • John Jackson

  • Leroy Sibbles

  • Carlene Davis

  • Grit Laskin

  • Billy Reed and The Street People


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We know Ron from our Music Dpt. Coordinator and Service Leader at our shule called  Solel  also he is the El Sistema Head of music at Solel Hebrew Heritage school . El Sistema Organization he is  required to plan, teach, and lead all music related activities, Music Classes, Services, Holiday Activities/Festivals,  Prepare for Recital's / Performances, where worked with ages 3- 15 and managed two other employees as their direct supervisor and planned all lessons and classes

Education Advisor Merriam Music and as Education Advisor he was to present the beliefs and foundations of the school to potential customers, hoping to show them the benefit and value of our product over that of competitors

Sight Reading A very strong ability to make music come from a sheet with little to no preparation.




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Elton Rohn is thrilling audiences across Canada and the USA. Ron Camilleri’s ability to transform into Elton John is uncanny. Audiences are amazed and they come away with the feeling of experiencing a 1970’s Elton John concert. The show includes the Elton Rohn Band – a full seven piece band. Every note is played live, no tracks and there is full four part harmony.

Ron sounds, looks, plays the piano and performs as if the legendary performer was there. The seven piece band of established professionals is first rate. Headlining theaters and festivals across Canada and the USA,The band has quickly established themselves as a top tribute act. The were the only Elton John tribute asked to perform at the Elton John convention in Las Vegas. They’ve played nine Canada Day headlining shows over the last seven years and playing to thousands every time out. They’ve played Stage West Theatre in Toronto and Calgary, headlined the Briar Curling Championships, Played Mardi Gras, Canada’s Largest Rib Fest, Legends shows the Queen’s Jubilee Celebration as well as two shows in legendary Las Vegas and Michigan’s Music in the Park.


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I grew up in a music industry family. My father was an executive with CBS Records for 30+ years and I started attending shows as a very young boy. My dad was way my hero. I can still remember him taking me and my brother to shows meeting bands like Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears, Journey and songwriters like Billy Joel, Burton Cummings and Bruce Springsteen. I was able to work at the record company every summer and I think I listened to every album that was ever released. I played music continually and I think this is what really gave me my foundation for my music knowledge. So proud of what our family has done in the Canadian Recording Industry. 

In an attempt to fulfill a dream, and as part of my life after the record company, I started my own home studio. Writing and producing my own music has always been a dream of mine and I wanted to know if I was good enough to be successful in the business of making music. So, I scaled up my studio and started writing.

It wasn't long after this time that I met Melissa Dimarco, a really talented actress, television personality and celebrity journalist. She was looking for some music for a new biography series she was putting together for Omni Television. It was called “Dreamseeker”. She thought I might be able to help her to license in some music for her series. In the end, I persuaded her to let me submit some original music for her to consider for her project. We’ve been working together ever since. I now focus on writing for a variety of projects for television, commercials and film including two television projects for Melissa.
I compose, perform and produce all the original music for Melissa’s Dreamseeker television series. I also do the same for Melissa's weekly      " Out There With Melissa Dimarco” series. We have so much fun on this show each and every week. ( I now have over 7,000 hours of original published music on national tv. Thats right. My music has been played over multiple stations every week on prime time television since 2004.
My musical journey has also included a trip to British Columbia for a few months to work on some original material with some songwriting and producing partners. Henry Small is an amazingly talented producer and songwriter ( who, together with wonder kid Brad Hampton, helped put together a CD of some of my original music. I've included some of "The Project" on the site for you to hear.
Nothing like starting your own band.  We are a bunch of studio musicians who got together and started playing. We’ve now headlined over 20 festivals and theatres across Canada and the USA. We continue to headline shows all over the country and beyond. Check out

We strive to provide a fun night filled with Elton John songs.. It’s a real tribute to some of the best songs of a generation and a history of pop music’s best. Check out the band, our music and all the things that you need to know about us before you decide if you’d like to hire us. 


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Anthony Regan

A self-taught musician, Anthony plays both guitar and keyboards and sings backup for the band, IF they plug in his microphone.
A professional broadcaster for over 20 years, Anthony hosted a live daily talk show for over a decade, anchored at 680 News, hosted In-stadium for the Blue Jays, MC'd hundreds of events, from charity to corporate, and continues to voice numerous radio and television commercials. Anthony is also proud of his on-air work for 10 years on the Easter Seals Telethon CBC television. He is thrilled to be a member of The Garden, the best band he's ever had the pleasure of playing with. And he likes pud

ding...Loves pudding.


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Jon Kazdan
Phil Taube


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Mark has been performing on stage since age 11. He  started out as a young Elvis impersonator and moved on to perform in various rock acts, studio work, and theater. Mark is a self taught musician with a vocal range between Barry White and a choir boy.  Mark is the longest standing plant in The Garden, and he looks forward to continuing to bloom. 

DADs that ROCK & Rockin' Dads 

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I love a good garage sale and I wanted to teach an entertain at the same time. Please watch and enjoy

SPACE HOLDER of coolness

Shows to come. This is MY DEMO REEL for  Acting.

I support the up-and-comer, here I am in a University project that uses the wind them up film cameras. Watch this is the final result.

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